About the Old Goat Brewery

The Old Goat brewery is located at The Stansfield Compasses in the south west corner of Suffolk county near Clare. The pub provides a charming setting in the hills above the River Glem Valley. Crafting fine ales in small batches and offering them in a 16th- century farmhouse pub creates a unique experience for ale enthusiasts.

It's been a journey and passion for Roy Elder, the owner and brewer of Old Goat Brewery. Since his first batches made in Ann Arbor Michigan and further honing his brewing skills in California, Roy's love for brewing has brought him to a new chapter here in Suffolk hills, where he and his partner, Alexis Rudd, have taken over the Compasses in Stansfield to establish Old Goat Brewery.

Their vision is to breathe new life into the once-neglected Compasses and restore it as the heart of the Stansfield community while serving as the flagship pub for the Old Goat brand. It's a great endeavor that combines a passion for brewing with revitalizing a local community asset.

Our Beers


Sowin' Oats

Crafted using a blend of Mosaic and Apollo hops, complemented by a generous dry hopping of Chinook, this beer embodies the vibrant essence of a West Coast IPA. The result is a pronounced hop character and an audacious flavor that will captivate your taste buds.


Easy Oats

Easy Oats, like Sowing Oats, is brewed with Mosaic, Apollo hops, and dry-hopped with Chinook, creating a bold hop-forward session ale. Its lower ABV allows for a balanced and flavorful experience. Cheers to sessionable brews like Easy Oats!


Cosmic Ale

Cosmic Ale delights with a unique mouthfeel from barley and rye malt, balanced by Cascade and Willamette hops. Infused with blackberries during secondary fermentation, it brings a delightful taste of summer fruit. Enjoy a glass of unexpected possibilities!


Cherry Ale

With a refreshing and well-balanced character, it's an ideal session beer. Cherries added during fermentation impart a subtle cherry note and a touch of red hue, complementing its flavorful and approachable profile. Whether at the pub or on the beach, Cherry Wheat promises a satisfying choice for good times and refreshment.


Xocolatl Ale

Xocolatle Pale offers a unique twist on a pale ale, with cocoa nibs adding a smoky and chocolatey hint to the brew. It strikes an interesting balance between traditional pale ale flavors and delightful cocoa notes, creating a distinct taste experience. Cheers to those seeking something different and flavorful!


Blighty Bitter

Combining barley, wheat, and special biscuit malt, it captures the essence of toasted malt-forward flavors found in British bitters. With English hops for a well-balanced profile, this beer offers a unique take on a traditional style, showcasing the harmonious interplay of malt and hops. Cheers to a flavorful and balanced ale!

Event Calendar

High St, Stansfield
Sudbury CO10 8LN

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Fridays 4pm-10pm
Saturdays 3pm-10pm
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